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Our Team

Kristina Morgan (Broker)

Kristina’s background reads like a checklist for the ideal Lake Chapala realtor. She brings almost two decades of familiarity with the area, and U.S. licenses as a Realtor, Broker and General Contractor and she is bilingual. She has an uncanny people sense when it comes…

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With a lifelong background in medical imaging and diagnostics, Troy comes to Lakeside as a retiree from the global technology company, Siemens. During his years there he helped hospitals and clinics find the ideal MRI machine. He is a perceptive listener, experienced at assessing wants…

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Marvin Golden (Broker Assistant)

Marvin Golden and his wife, Barbara Mercik, left Canada in 2000 for a year-long adventure traveling through the US and Mexico. Their final destination was Ajijic, Mexico, on the shore of Mexico’s largest lake and, Lake Chapala, an area rumored to have some of the…

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Judit Rajhathy

Judit Rajhathy was born in Budapest Hungary but emigrated with her family to Canada during the 1956 Revolution. She attended Carleton University in Ottawa and moved to Nova Scotia where she raised her family. It was during this time that Judit became an active part…

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Raul Gonzalez

A Guadalajara native, Raul Gonzalez was raised and educated in México City where he obtained a degree as a Chemical Engineer. His successes working with BF Goodrich led to marketing opportunities, forming a background for diverse free-lance work and business ownership experience before electing Real…

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Trudie Nelson

A 25-year resident in Ajijic, An extensive career in Toronto Canada as a graduate interior designer She and her husband have renovated and built many homes. She brings the unique experience and expertise to share with you. Deeply involved in the community, with time and…

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Hal Forsyth

CALM, CLEAR and CREATIVE, Hal’s desire is to be a DIFFERENT kind of Real Estate Agent and to build lasting relationships with INTEGRITY. With 15 plus years of living in Mexico, Mexican home renovation and the Lake Chapala real estate market, Hal understands the needs…

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Amanda Turner

Amanda Turner is savvy, young and energetic. Part of the growing population of younger people making the move to Lake Chapala, Amanda brings her adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit to everything she does. She is a local muralist and also owns El Gato Feo Café +…

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Annette Thompson

After 30 years of working in real estate, non-profit and management in the US, Canada, Haiti and China, I moved with my husband and parents to Ajijic, Mexico and I love it here! I am organized oriented, hard working and on time. I take great…

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Claudette Champagne

A seasoned Canadian real estate agent of over 32 years in the Toronto residential carriage and boutique income properties, Claudette Champagne brings not only her polished sales skills but an excellent eye for renovation projects – hers and her clients. Retirement was not in the…

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Diana Velazquez

Originally from Cuernavaca, Diana has a Business degree and worked with the Mexican Government aiding and empowering impoverished Mexican women so they had the tools to start their own businesses before she moved to Lake Chapala with her American husband, David, where they also host…

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Eddy Soto

Eddy grew up in Mexico and is deeply connected to the Lake Chapala area. He has an effective combination of Mexican charm combined with Californian tenacity that works very well for his clients. Eddy’s intimate knowledge of the Lake Chapala region gives him enthusiasm and a desire to make…

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Guillermo Blanco

Guillermo Blanco is a valued member of Lake Chapala Real Estate’s professional team of agents. He represents his buyers and sellers with equal energy and enthusiasm.

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James Miller

James Miller was a Community Bank president in Iowa. As a community leader he also enjoyed civic service and volunteering as a fireman, first responder, and emergency rescue technician. His greatest joy in banking was enabling people to buy a home. With Miller’s history in…

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Jason Taylor

Born and raised in Toronto I moved to Mexico in 2007. My mother had moved here in 1999 and on one my trips to visit her I fell in love with the area and soon began to lay my roots here! I married an amazing…

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Jeff McGaver

Originally from Wisconsin Jeff McGaver lived in Los Angeles for 30 years. In 2005, work took him back to the Midwest where he called Chicago home until 2010. He and his partner tired of the hustle and bustle of city life so Jeff took early retirement from the…

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Jimena Callejas

Jimena is originally from Colombia but moved to the States as a child. She lived in Texas for many years prior to moving to Ajijic. She holds a Texas Real Estate License. Jimena is passionate about her job and enjoys helping people with all their…

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Juan Diego Allera

Born and raised in Guadalajara, Juan Diego´s studies were in a French school, and later had the opportunity to travel to France various times and where he fell in love with the amazing culture. As a Mexican he speaks 3 languages: Spanish, English and of…

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Maggie Quiroz

Margartia or Maggie Quiroz Acosta was born in Culiacan Sinaloa, in the northwest of Mexico. She studied Education at Escuela Normal de Sinaloa, graduating when she was only 18 years old. Her teaching career began at the State of Puebla, as a part of the…

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Marco Aldaco

Marco was born in Guadalajara, and attended High School in El Paso, Texas where he graduated in the top 10% of his class. He returned to pursue one of his passions, Architecture at Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) where he excelled…

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