Courtesy Orientation Tour

We make it easy!

Our courtesy orientation tour will make the transition to a new country and culture as easy as possible. As a foreigner, we will tell you what is required to own property in Mexico. We will answer your questions truthfully, share our experiences, facilitate and expedite whenever possible.

We have available an up-to-date and robust list of resources for you, websites and on-line magazines.

Join us in the journey. We have much to offer, so much information to share, and would really love to show you around the area.

We give you a full overview of what is available at Lake Chapala

  • Drive through various communities and developments and discuss pros and cons
  • Point out and recommend Shops, Services, Restaurants, Facilities, etc.
  • Provide maps and information
  • Show you a sample of houses to rent or buy
  • When you are ready and we know your wants and needs, we’ll find the best deal in a home that matches your resources and lifestyle
Orientation Trou

No pressure. No obligation.

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