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Choose us as your buyer-agent, and we give you our full commitment to provide you with unsurpassed service toward achieving your real estate goals. We make your goals, our goals.

The most important step you can take in finding the very best home for you is to “Choose the right Realtor”. How do you do this? Choose an experienced agent who is prepared to give you first class service and attention. Choose an agent who knows the local market and is prepared to work with you through the education process and not just be interested in making a quick sale. Choose an agent that works full time as a real estate professional, and not just someone who is retired and selling real estate part time for something to do. Choose an agent who works in a Real Estate Agency firm you can trust.

We hope that by providing honest, accurate information and assisting you in making an informed decision, you will choose Lake Chapala Real Estate as your real estate team at Lakeside.

You can start the process before you come. We want you to see it all!

We understand that it is in your best interest to be aware of everything that is available in Lake Chapala. We realize you might like to get an idea of prices and values even before you come to Mexico. If you would like to do this, it is our pleasure to help you.

Orientation Tour

Courtesy Orientation Tour

For those new to the area, through our personalized “Courtesy Orientation Tour”, you will get a full overview of what is available in Lake Chapala.

This tour will introduce you to the various villages, communities, developments, the shops, services, medical facilities and restaurants.

We provide maps (Maps of Mexico, Jalisco and Lake Chapala) and information. We´ll recommend favorite restaurants, shops, tours etc.

Click here for full details on our Courtesy Orientation Tour.

Custom Home Tour

You see what you want to see. Do you want the best home tour in town? We have it for you!

We want to make your transition to a new country and lifestyle as easy as possible. As a foreigner, we will tell you what is required to own property in Mexico. We will answer your questions truthfully, share our experiences, facilitate and expedite whenever possible. We have available an up-to-date and robust list of resources for you, web sites and on-line magazines and will introduce you to our ‘Gold Team’ of Experts here in Lake Chapala, who can help you with every aspect of your Mexican adventure. Click here to access our Team of Experts and additional services provided long after the sale is done.

Click here for full details on this Custom Home Tour.

Home Tour
Disclaimer: We do not accept any money or gifts in kind from any of our Team members. This is an added service for the benefit of our clients and we are happy to offer it. We hope it helps to make a smooth integration into our wonderful Mexican community.

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