About Jocotepec

Jocotepec is situated on the western end of the north shore of Lake Chapala. Renown for Driscoll Berry Farms, a major exporter of organically grown raspberries, blackberries and strawberries to US, Canada and Europe. And very popular with locals who know where to get the best berries! As in nearly all Mexican villages, a large central plaza anchors the community. Plenty of iron benches for townspeople to sit and this plaza is always active, especially on the weekends when families come out for their evening stroll. Under arches, restaurants and shops line three sides of the plaza. In this bustling, vibrant town, civic pride reigns high. Jocotepec has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts, through renovations, fresh paint, new plants, roads, traffic redesign, plus a new highway & by-pass to Guadalajara. The newest addition is the boardwalk (malecon) that runs along the shoreline with a park & picnic area. For those who want to live in a truly Mexican village, Jocotepec has much to offer and North Americans are just beginning to discover it! A widened highway to Guadalajara is underway, making it easier & faster to get to all the major shopping and amenities of the city

Neighborhoods in Jocotepec

El Chante

Just further west of the Raquet Club is the village of El Chante, reknown for its luxurious boutique hotel & spa, a delicious escape with a lakeside pool, sweat lodge, numerous spa treatments, double lounge beds & hand woven hammocks. Here you can dine al fresco on the terrace or in the romantic Tokal indoor restaurant that faces the lake. A wonderful way to pamper your guests!

El Chante Spa
Roca Azul

Roca Azul

This sub-division is situated on the outskirts of Jocotepec (mile south-east). This established approx. 40 year old neighborhood is popular as weekend homes for Guadalajarans and ex-pats, who enjoy living in a quiet, peaceful country setting. Here you will find a variety of housing, from simple rustic cottages to grand homes.

Map of Jocotepec Area

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