Pepe Mora is an active architect and a native of Chapala. Ever since he was a child, he always managed to discover new houses and buildings, perhaps because of his natural born attraction to architecture and design. He grew up in the family business where he learned the worth of being a persistent man.

As a student, he obtained a degree in Architecture by the Centro Universitario de Arte, Arquitecura y Diseño of Universidad de Guadalajara in 2012. Since then he has been an independent contractor, designer and developer in the Lakeside area. He has collaborated on more than a dozen projects and buildings.

Pepe is here to help you choose or build the home of your dreams!



When looking for a home, I had the pleasure of meeting Jose (Pepe) Ricardo Mora Duran, a Real Estate agent who was selling a home his family had built. It was Februay/March 2023, I desperately needed to find a new home! 
I was very interested in it, Pepe was very courteous, conscientious, caring, efficient and a pleasure to work with. Everything we had to do, was done, with no worries, we just sailed through the whole process. 
Being almost eighty and after going through hell, Pepe was wonderful, I felt I had no problems. He actually seemed to care for me, like a family member. My memory is not very good, Pepe always seemed to be there at the right time to help me.
He was very good at answering emails and going out of his way to help, I felt very secure because of him. I can think of nothing that upset me, it has been a dream to get over all of the hurdles when buying a new home from Pepe. He even printed my CFE bills and reminded me to pay them, at my age I truly appreciated his concern!
I highly recommend working with Pepe, he is a good agent and very reassuring, and I will say, efficient, again!
Gaye Barbor


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