Born and raised in Guadalajara, Juan Diego´s studies were in a French school, and later had the opportunity to travel to France various times and where he fell in love with the amazing culture. As a Mexican he speaks 3 languages: Spanish, English and of course, French. For seven years he worked on a family nursery and landscaping business all over Mexico. In 2014, he decided to step back from the nursery and to find new challenges – it led him to goat cheese making and eventually developing a goat farm in 2015 at Lake Chapala with his beautiful wife, a veterinarian and an opera singer! With the happiest goats in the world, and their quality milk, they are producing the most delicious cheese. Galo de Allende, goat dairy products was born with 10 female goats with a brand-new barn, and now only years later, there are 48 goats. In goats we trust! Let Juan Diego´s charm, enthusiasm, and yes, experience in selling luxury real estate, help you to discover the beauty of Mexico, to share with you the little tips with his international perspective, and help you find your dream home!


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