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Guillermo Blanco

Guillermo Blanco

Guillermo Blanco is a highly skilled industrial engineer and a renowned builder and developer at Lake Chapala, Mexico. He is known for his exceptional construction skills and attention to detail, which sets him apart from the mass builders in the industry. His homes are built to last and withstand the test of time, both structurally and aesthetically.

Guillermo is recognized for his integrity and honesty in all his dealings. He places a premium on client satisfaction and always goes the extra mile to ensure that his clients are happy with the final product. His passion for excellence has earned him a loyal following of satisfied customers.

In addition to his work as a builder and developer, Guillermo has a passion for sailing. He enjoys spending time on the water, feeling the wind and sun on his face and being at one with nature. He finds sailing to be a great way to recharge his batteries and clear his mind.

Guillermo is happily married to his wife Lucy, an artist, and they both love to travel. They often visit their sons, one of whom lives in Europe, and the other who runs his own ecological ranch near Puerto Vallarta. Guillermo values his family above all else and cherishes the time he spends with them.

Together with his associates, Guillermo Blanco has set the standard for quality construction and development in the Lake Chapala area. His commitment to excellence and integrity has earned him a reputation as one of the best builders and developers in the region.

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  • Office : 376-766-4530 or 4540
  • Mobile : 331-699-1839
  • US Phone Line : 321-327-9281

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