Meet Claudette Champagne, a seasoned real estate agent with over 30 years of experience serving the Toronto market. With a proven track record of successful sales and renovation projects, Claudette has earned a reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable agent.
Claudette has demonstrated her expertise in designing and constructing several Moroccan-style residences at Lake Chapala. Additionally, she has successfully undertaken the renovation and redesign of the Moon Estate, as well as its surrounding grounds. Despite her achievements, Claudette remains down-to-earth and passionate about her community. In 2001, she discovered her love for art and community involvement while living at Lakeside. Since then, she has purchased and renovated the iconic Billy Moon estate and has been involved in hosting various city events, including glamorous balls, fundraisers, fashion shows, and Northern Lights musical events. If you’re looking to take your real estate dreams to the next level, Claudette Champagne is the agent for you. With her expertise and commitment to her clients, she’ll help you navigate the market and find your perfect property.


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