Globos Regata – Hot Air Balloon Regatta

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Globos Regata -Hot Air Balloon Regatta

This colourful festival comes at the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the festival season at Lakeside. A fun -filled day for all ages, the festival also falls at the time of Mexican Independence Day celebrations.

The field is filled with balloons of all colours, shapes and sizes. They are made with  tissue paper and glue, some of which look more like paper lanterns. A wad of material soaked with gasoline or other highly flammable product is attached to a ring at the bottom of the metal frame and set on fire. Hopefully, the balloon will rise – often with a hanging water bottle attached to act as ballast to keep the balloon upright.

Some go up – and some come down. Some stay up, others crash and burn and when they do, people will run excitedly toward the falling ball of fire without seeming to care about possible harm.  Despite the lack of a Fire Marshall or fire codes, no one has been hurt at the Festival from the mishaps!

Interesting shapes and designs with a myriad of colours fill the sky and some balloons can travel quite a distance before descending as fire balls or deflated as the hot air dissipates.

The festival is free to attend so come and enjoy the party atmosphere complete with food stands, musicians, picnicking families, and Mariachi bands!

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