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Jeff McGaver

Jeff McGaver

Originally from Wisconsin Jeff McGaver lived in Los Angeles for 30 years. In 2005, work took him back to the Midwest where he called Chicago home until 2010. He and his partner tired of the hustle and bustle of city life so Jeff took early retirement from the airline industry and they purchased a hobby farm back in Wisconsin. After completely remodeling their 100 year old farm house and preparing the 19th century barns for occupancy, their plan was to take in rescued farm animals. At one point they were shepherding as many as 52 animals. Though Jeff’s passion for animal rescue will never wane, his love for winter did.

They made their first visit to Ajijic in February 2017. It was love at first sight. Returning two months later in April 2017, the decision was made to move. The farm went up for sale, they purchased a home in Riberas del Pilar and loaded their 2 dogs, 5 cats and 1 parrot for the 5 day drive to Lake Chapala. Yes, crossing the border with a parrot can be done. Since arriving Lakeside, 3 more dogs have been added to the menagerie of critters.

Let Jeff McGaver’s own relocation experience help you in your transition to this wonderful life Lakeside. His welcoming personality, good listening skills and sense of humor will make for a positive experience when buying or selling your home with him.



If you’ve ever read Freakonomics, you may remember the anecdote about realtors. The essence of the narrative is that on average, realtors list their own properties for a month longer than their clients’ properties. Freakonomics suggests that realtors will work harder for top dollar for themselves, where they are pocketing all the profits, than for their clients, where even thousands of dollars in price differences have very little impact on a realtor’s commissions.

Jeff is the anti-Freakonomics realtor.

From our first meeting through to the final funds transfer to Canada, Jeff fought for our best interests. He encouraged us to price our unit at a sales price where we ultimately sold (within $5,000) but which meant much more work for him. In comparison, one of the other realtors we initially interviewed suggested a starting sales price that was 15% lower.

It’s not often that a great administrator also has a welcoming personality. But Jeff does. Besides the warm and approachable manner that makes him such a good salesperson (and a lovely man) Jeff also exercised meticulous care in ensuring all our documents were in order and everything was available for the close. As ex-pat Canadians, we found his attention and support both invaluable and tremendously reassuring. When there was an issue (with the buyers’ realtor) with the final funds transfer, Jeff was extremely focused on finding the solution and correcting the problem, and keeping us informed the entire time.

If you are looking for a realtor in the Chapala area we can’t recommend Jeff highly enough. If you’re looking for top dollar, great service, excellent communications and the assurance that if problems arise, they will be resolved, then Jeff is your guy.

Wanda and Tony Morris



“We just closed the sale of our condo at Birds of Paradise. Jeff was our agent, and he did a really great job for us. He started by giving us a ‘realistic’ price for our property, considering location, condition, etc. Thus we didn’t have any unrealistic expectations in mind. The final selling price was close to the asking price.

What we liked about Jeff was that he always kept us informed as to what was going on. He never hesitated to pick up the phone and call us, even with bad news. (Like when one buyer couldn’t come up with the deposit). Whenever I had a query, he always responded promptly, never left me hanging. I now understand that the sale of a property in Mexico is a lengthy process involving many steps and lots of paperwork. Jeff led us thru the process and did everything to make it as seamless as possible.

We will certainly recommend Jeff to anyone who is selling a property.

FYI, we got Jeff’s name from a recommendation by Pat T. Jeff also sold her unit at Birds of Paradise, and she was very pleased with Jeff’s service.


-Peter F.


“Mr. Jeff McGaver,
I wanted to personally thank you for the great job you did for my good friends George and Tish W. Your creativity in trying to find a home that would suit them was remarkable. I appreciate your thinking out of the box and seizing on every opportunity. You will certainly be a realtor that I will recommend to other friends that come looking here in Ajijic.”

-David V.


“This was the second time we’ve used Jeff Mcgaver and he didn’t disappoint. We were in the US for several months and needed to purchase this time sight unseen. Jeff previewed several houses for us. On the ones we were interested in he did virtual walk throughs with us. One home that looked really good had a lot of traffic noise and a west exposure we would have been unaware of, saved us from a mistake. We are very pleased with the house we ended up purchasing. Jeff spent a lot of time taking pictures doing virtual walk throughs and answering questions.

Thank you”

-Cherie And Mike W.


“Jeff was extremely helpful in selling our house. He was courteous, patient and determined to sell our house quickly and at the target price. He was there anytime we had questions and had the answers for us. During the stressful time of selling a house, Jeff was there to make us laugh, relax and enjoy it. All in all, we appreciated working with him! We’re glad Jeff was our agent.”

-Larry H. and Margarita L.


“I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed working with Jeff McGaver during my acquisition of my property at Birds of Paradise.
From the moment of initial contact (while still in New Hampshire), to my arrival in Guadalajara, Jeff’s friendly manner, attention to detail and knowledge of both selling and buying real estate, immediately underscored my confidence that I was in most capable hands.
He truly went above and beyond the usual agent responsibilities by assisting with my storage and moving needs, and was quick to respond to any questions that arose throughout the entire process.
In my experience of nine real estate purchases, without exaggerating… Jeff is second to none.
Your agency is indeed fortunate to have him among your team!
Best regards,
-Rosetta J”


“Hola Jeff! First and foremost, you absolutely exceeded expectations. We gave you a moving target, and you responded! You showed us a well balanced cross section, in both price range and locations. As we said from the outset, this was a scouting and shopping trip. I can honestly say we are MUCH closer to making decesions, but that time is still a year or more away. The election will be a huge factor on the size required. I’m hooked. Just a matter of how many more and when. The good news, you will get my business and happy referrals when we come! Send me any links you can to give you good feed back!”

Will do! Many friends are inquiring about our findings. We were fortunate to have connected with such a local fan! Your years in that previous life gave you the skill set, but your love for your area is what makes people trust you to have their best interrests at heart. Looking forward to our next steps!

Susan and Mark



When Elizabeth referred me to you (Jeff McGaver) I expected that you would be a great Realtor (and you are), but the passion you demonstrated for finding my perfect house was above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

Rather than simply asking me where I wanted to live, we talked about how I wanted to live.




Jeff McGaver is an attentive listener and put a lot of effort into understanding our priorities. This allowed him to identify the specific properties that would interest us. He found us the absolute perfect house! Jeff is very resourceful, proactive, responsive and detail-oriented. He has a broad network of contacts and ensured we had all the information we needed to confidently close our transaction. We give Jeff McGaver our highest endorsement and would be pleased to speak with any of Jeff’s prospective clients with further details.

Gary and Ann



We highly recommend you (Jeff McGaver) for your professionalism, real estate knowledge and continued support as we get a lay of the land. We really enjoyed getting to know you and working closely with you in finding our new home

Larry and Cynthia



The market is very tight for buyers and there wasn’t anything on the market we liked. That’s when Jeff McGaver really went to work calling other agents to find if they knew of anything not on market like we were looking for. He found a few for us to consider and took us out the next day. We walked in the first one I saw the view, started to cry and we didn’t need to look further!

The offer and closing process was flawless as has been Jeff’s follow up in arranging for us to meet with property manager to care for our home until we move in January. His assistance to us has been amazing. We have come to view him as not only our realtor but our friend.

Cherie and Mike

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