Barbara Mercik and her husband, Marvin Golden, left Canada in 2000 for a year-long adventure traveling through the US and Mexico. Their final destination was Ajijic, Mexico, on the shore of Mexico’s largest lake and, Lake Chapala, an area rumored to have some of the best weather in the world. The lakeside immediately resonated with them and they never went back. Too young to retire, it was an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Applying their skills in project management, consulting, sales and renovating, real estate was a natural choice. They thoroughly enjoy being ambassadors promoting living the good life at Lake Chapala. With their enthusiasm and honesty, they quickly became top realtors and founded Lake Chapala Real Estate. Throughout their years at the Lakeside, they bought and renovated homes and still manage to stay married. The team at Lake Chapala Real Estate strives to be the most professional, helpful and friendly office at Lakeside. They have assembled a list of quality professionals to help with every aspect of Mexican life and are pleased to share these references with clients. Their clients are thrilled with the commitment to excellent service and reward the agency with testimonials, repeat business and referrals.


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